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Lomo ON was started all the way back in April 2010. I am Jason and I am not a Lomographer nor a photographer. I knew nothing about taking pics and I think is the waste of time and money. Its not environment friendly too to use film and all those pics from digital cameras are wasting our computers' disk space. I just love to sell camera stuffs. Selling is my hobby. Maybe one day, you can see me selling nasi lemak in a pasar malam near you. But something weird happen to me since a few years ago.. Sometimes, although I can feel I am moving around, carry on with my daily activities, I am not sure what am I doing. Its like someone has taken over my body. Am i suffering from dissociative identity disorder, split personality? Whenever I am awake like now, I always found lots of unusual pics in my computer. Some pics of myself and some pics of people I dont even know. And sometimes, those pics are really pointless at all. I have no idea why there are people wasting money taking pics of animals, buildings, or even trees.. Oh gosh, as if they know how to smile and say cheese... I am pretty sure those pics were not taken by me. Please follow my blog and find out what's going on with me. I can smell something fishy...


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Black and White in Melaka

Ali: Hey, isn't it dull if your photos are without colors.
Baba: Hello, its black and white and there are 2 colors there. Black and white.

I kinda agree with Baba. Black and white are colors too and its kinda interesting.
Check out some of my photos taken in a wonderful town, Melaka:











Pictures taken with a Nikon FG coupled with Lucky B&W 100.

Taking photos in black and white ain't easy. Imagine, u lose the option to show interesting colors through your lens. All you see is black and white and all the tones in between. There are only 2 colors for you to manipulate around. If you are using film, that's even worst. That's why, contrast is very important. When we are not focusing on the colors of the photo, our eyes tend to be more sensitive to the light intensity. We will naturally pick up areas of contrast. That's how we distinguish one thing from another and bring information to our brain on which to focus or which is important. Do not forget to seek out scenes that naturally show signs of high contrast and your black and white photos will be as interesting as a photo with full of colors.

Next, texture is very important too in black and white photography. It's just a form of contrast but its perceived in a different way. Textures in a layman's term for me is like patterns on a surface, whether is regular or irregular. Its like the surface of an old tree, the surface of an old building or the surface of my post pimple infested face. Lol.. All these are great for black and white photography as there are no colors masking the interesting surface you would like it to shine. With a layer a color on top of it, there will be another extra layer of complexity and thus you can't show the true colors of the texture.

Practice makes perfect but do remember that processing black and white film will cost more. (For those that are processing in Fotosun SS2, RM19 for develop and scan. You need to wait for a day or 2 to get it done)

Jason, I hope you know who am I after seeing these photos. :)

With Love and Peace,

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